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Community Involvement

Planting the downtown Waukesha planters with summer flowers and winter interest is a project enjoyed by downtown businesses and visitors.

One of our major undertakings is the purchase of plants and the planting of 80 downtown planters to beautify Waukesha for all. A significant portion of our plant sale proceeds is used for this project.

Living Gift Fund

Environmental Stewardship

SCGC supports both Waukesha city parks and county land by financing the planting of at least two trees on public land annually.

Education - Outing


Our monthly speakers, field trips, or overnight bus trips encourage members to increase their knowledge of the natural world.

Philanthropy - Bookworm Gardens


Philanthropic projects are undertaken each year through monetary donation or labor that benefit environmental education and our community at large.


On the first Saturday after Memorial Day each year we hold a fantastic Plant, Yard Art, Shabby Chic, and Bakery sale. This well-respected event at the E.B. Shurts building (Prairie and College Ave.) succeeds because of our beautiful healthy plants and friendly, knowledgeable home gardeners who are willing to answer all your questions. This event funds all of our undertakings for the year.

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Guests and new members are always welcome.

Our Contact Information

Mary Kiehl, Membership Chair

Dee Selby, Club President